Solar reflectance of asphalt shingles

Are Solar Reflective Shingles Worth Every Penny?

Solar Reflective Shingles

Solar reflective shingles and solar reflective roof membranes can be a crucial aspect of the building system built to reduce total building electricity consumption and the effect the home or building has on the environment. Solar reflective shingles are defined as having surfaces that primarily reflect significantly more IR radiation than normal roof surfaces. Infrared radiation is a spectrum of light that generates considerable levels of warmth on roof surfaces. Solar reflective shingles were explicitly created to minimize the consumption of your sun’s infrared radiation by reflecting IR rays from the roof’s surface, hence not letting the high temperature be transferred to the inner of your structure (i.e., the attic within the roof). Reducing the quantity of this heat transfer, solar reflective shingles, and solar reflective roofs, generally speaking, can maintain building interiors much cooler, hence lessening the use and stress on HVAC products, specifically in warmer climates and also in summertime.

As well as the potential electricity-saving benefits that solar reflective shingles can have for a building, a study about the degradation of roof membranes over numerous many years has shown that warmth through the sunshine is amongst the most powerful aspects impacting longevity. Higher temperatures and enormous variations seasonally or day-to-day, with the roof degree, are unfavorable to roof surfaces’ longevity. Decreasing the extreme conditions of heat change will reduce the chance of damage to roof systems. Using solar reflective shingles and solar reflective roof goods that reflect ultraviolet and primarily infrared radiation will lessen harm due to u/v and heat degradation.

We certainly have many solar reflective shingles to select various color and style options to match a range of multiple property designs and elevations.

The Landmark Solaris series is available in many popular ENERGY STAR® rated shade alternatives that happen to be virtually indistinguishable and also have recently been rated a customer “best buy” from your highly regarded customer publication. The solar reflective shingles represent a business breakthrough inside modern technology, achieving a degree of 40% solar reflectivity, by far the highest level of reflectivity inside the asphalt shingle business.

The Presidential Solaris combination of shingles features solar reflective roof surface areas that accomplish ENERGY STAR® standards and rich Deluxe designed shake replacement shingle. Much like Landmark Solaris Gold shingles, Presidential Solaris Gold shingles are virtually the same in looks to the same shingles without having the solar reflective roof work surface.

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