Types of Roof Damage

Common Causes of Roof Damages

Common Causes of Roof Damages

Roof repair usually means that you do not always have a choice when it comes to your home. If you want to preserve your property, you must do the repair immediately. Proper maintenance will help lessen the need and possibility for a roofing fix, but eventually, it’s going to happen. But it is still important that homeowners know the common causes of roof damages, so they will be able to determine and prevent further damages whenever possible.  

Old Shingles 

One of the biggest reasons behind roof damages is the fact that your roofing’s good days may have been over. That said, it may older, weak or fragile. Another reason is that it may be past its warranty period, which makes it more practical to replace than to fix.  

Lack of Proper Roof Maintenance

Neglecting proper roofing maintenance that the roof needs can lead to more severe roof damage. To avoid this problem in the future, a yearly maintenance routine such as sweeping off and cleaning out your gutters and downspouts will be a great help. 

Cold Temperatures 

In specific areas in America, people do not have to be anxious about ice damming and cold temperatures that may cause roofing problems. But they still experience occasional bad weather such as heavy rains with small amounts of ice, and you will get stricken by hail in unexpected situations. Remember that it only takes one strong impact on your roofing to cause severe damages. 

Wind and Storms 

Harsh winds, storms, and hurricanes, all these natural phenomena can definitely test the strength and durability of your shingles. The key is to pick a highly wind-resistant roofing material and an annual roofing inspection done by an experienced roofing company. Your roofing company should follow all main wind hard storms to ensure there are no concealed problems that may lead to a problem later on. 

High Heat 

UV lighting and high heating during the summer season eventually take their cost over a roof structure. Ventilating and insulating your attic will minimize the problem, and putting in a vibrant shield about the attic space ceiling will additionally decrease the sun’s effect on your roof structure. 

Poor Installation 

A lot of roofing repair needs are directly linked to improper installation. Improper usage of underlayment, failing to set up necessary parts such as flashing, failing to use the appropriate sealants, or failing to fasten and overlap shingles correctly, all these mistakes commonly cause major roof damages.  

Stepping or Walking on the Roof 

Walking or stepping on your roof can cause major damage to your roof. Also, if you use spiked boots when walking on your roof, it will puncture your roof, especially if it is very hot. You might even knock granules away from the shingle and rip some of them out. If you need to step on your roof, make sure to wear protective equipment such as delicate but higher-traction shoes and boots and avoid going up there when there’s too much heat. 

Now, you know the most common reasons for roof damages, but of course, it is not limited to whatever is on this list. If you think your roof is damaged, you can always turn to RoofScapes for advice, maintenance, inspection on any given day. You can easily reach us by phone, through email, or in person. All you have to do is reach out to us, and we are sure to help. 

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