How You Can Check a Roof Like a Professional

How You Can Check a Roof Like a Professional

Things To Search For and when to Contact A Professional

To most of us, consider our rooftops without any consideration — it is not something we think about unless there’s a problem. But when your home’s initial line of the shield is up against the elements, the roof passes through a great deal of wear and tear, so you must conduct an annual visual examination as part of your property upkeep routine. By providing the roof a concise examination, little difficulties won’t lead to massive catastrophes.

Here’s a brief checklist to find out if your roof structure is in good shape.

Things To Search For

Inspecting the roof does not necessarily mean walking on the roof. Roof structure walking is risky and much better left to the skilled. So firstly, stay away from the roof structure!

From the safety of your floor or using a window, execute a visual examination of your roof structure with binoculars. Keep in mind: A roof structure is designed to age over time. A one-year-old roof structure will appear different from a roof structure that was just mounted. But by examining the roof regularly, you may locate changes and potential problems.

Look for shingles that can be missing or loosened or display signs and symptoms of heavy wear or deterioration (bald areas, granule damage, or significant curling). These are thought to be weak points where water can enter and result in leakages. Though it may be standard for asphalt shingles to experience some curling, significant or unusual curling indicators, your shingles are achieving a healthy life’s conclusion.

Obtaining A Good Look

Right after a preliminary examination from the floor, a closer look could be essential. Securely ascend a ladder to have a closer look at the roof structure. But stay away from the roof structure itself — not merely is it risky to walk in the roof structure, but also you can potentially do much more harm to the shingles.


After examining the roof from the outside, it is time to verify issues through the inside. Equipped with a flashlight, examine the attic space and crawl spots after intense downpours. Will you recognize any signs and symptoms of water damage? Are the rafters or decking damp? Has the insulation obtained damp? They are all signs your roof structure could leak.

Obtain The Right Assistance

When you notice any harm, never spend energy and time trying to fix the problem on your own. Work with a credentialed licensed contractor to correctly examine the roof and restore the issue appropriately. A few will do so at no cost to you.

For recommendations and knowledge about employing a credentialed roofer, check out our step-by-step information. Looking at the roof now is an easy way of preventing failure later – check the roof one or more times per year, ideally two times, to maintain your property happy and healthy!

To understand more about the life cycle of a roof structure, check out our homeowner’s brochure. If you need a new roof structure, you may discover a world of design and style, and color choices by looking at our Motivation Art gallery.

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