St Augustine near Richardson, TX by Jay B. (Check-in #2884)

Richardson, TX US 75081

Job Description:

Check out this Before and After! The crew really came through to lay 2k sq/ft of St. Augustine in this heat a few weeks ago. If the ground is prepped correctly and the sod is watered often, it really can be planted anytime. Big thanks to Miller Grass for always coming through with a great product. Jay

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St Augustine


Jay B.

Customer Review

“I would highly recommend Roofscapes for anyone needing sod replacement for their yard. The quality of grass that they used was excellent and almost immediately, looked like the grass had been growing in place for years! Their crew were all very professional, very friendly, and did an amazing job of prepping the yard prior to placement. Each piece of sod was laid with purpose, as they did a great job in the installation. There was absolutely no clean up for me when they were finished and they explained to me how I needed to water to make sure that the grass had the very best chance of thriving. I now (3 weeks later) have an amazing yard that all my neighbors have commented on, it looks beautiful. I cannot give any negative feedback, it was amazing! They get an A+ in my book!”
-Betty W.

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