Leak In Ceiling When it Rains

Roof Leaks During Heavy Rainfall: What to Do?

Do you ever panic whenever it starts to rain because water will start dripping from your ceiling? Well, it’s right for you to be concerned, but you should not panic. You only need to know what to do. 

During a rainstorm or heavy rains, homeowners often discover several roofing issues for the first time, most of which need immediate repair and attention. One of the most common roofing emergencies during a rainstorm is a roof leak, causing a slight inconvenience. At this point, your primary concern would be and should be to decrease the chances of water getting all over the place – your furniture, electrical appliances, outlets, and floor. You need to reach out to a roofing company and have your roofing inspected in this situation. However, it would help if you also know what to do to minimize the damage. 

A roof leak can signify a much bigger roofing problem that should not be neglected. Otherwise, not only will your roofing be compromised, but also the safety of the other parts of your home. 

When there’s a rainstorm, and roofing emergencies catch you off guard, here are things you can do yourself. 

Take Care of Your Home’s Interior 

Since you are inside, take advantage of this chance to take care of whatever is inside your home. Grab a bucket, a pan, a bowl, or whatever container you can use to capture water from the leak. By this time, the water has already landed on the floor and other things in your home. Make sure to dry up these areas with a towel or mop. Do this to prevent further damages to your properties and save any members of your household from slipping. 

Now it’s time to start locating the leak. Take note of the wet part of your ceiling, and if you can, take some photos of it to show to your roofing contractor during their visit. The watermark itself helps identify the exact location of the problem. 

Try to Find The Exact Location of The Leak   

Roof Leaks During Heavy Rainfall

While this task can be a little tricky, you can always ask help from a licensed roofer. If you want to do this job yourself, you can use the watermark, which helps identify the problem’s exact location. 

Some causes of roof leaks include plumbing-related issues or faulty airconditioning systems. 

While it’s raining, you can also try to look at your roof if it’s possible and if the weather is not too severe. You can most probably spot the source of the leak using this method. 

Another potential culprit could be your gutters, especially if they are clogged. Clogged gutters can cause the water to buildup and result in water finding its way through your roof.

Check the Attic

Take a flashlight with you and check your attic while it’s still raining. Check if you can hear water dripping or if you can see water entering and other wet areas. These things can help indicate the location of a leak. 

Call Your Roofer As Soon As Possible

Whether you are able to find the location of the leak and do something to decrease the chance of further damages, you should not be too relaxed. 

You still want to get the problem solved immediately contact us before it worsens or leads to more complicated issues. 

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