Signs of a Leaking Roof

Signs of a Leaking Roof

Knowing you will have a roofing leak is usually obvious once you see a water spot on your ceiling. Nevertheless, it might be much harder to determine the main cause of the leak. You could presume your shingles are a problem, but it could be missing out on flashing around a chimney or some other access point that’s letting water get within your attic. When inside the attic, water can pass along rafters and other horizontal areas so that it is hard to find the exact access point.

If shingles are missing out on, damaged, or else ruined, water can, with time, commence to drip into the property. A drip may start small and slowly lead to plenty of damage if your warning sign is dismissed.

Water entry can be a result of an ice dam. Ice dams are formed through the constant thawing of snow on your roof’s warmer areas and refreezing on the cool eave. The ice dam may cause water to back up under shingles.

If your roofing doesn’t provide an ice & water underlayment put in beneath the shingles, you may be going through leaks. Do something against Ice Damming this winter season with the convenient guideline.

You might need to use a skilled roof specialist to diagnose your leaking matter. The roof skilled will help determine the main cause of the leak and assist in getting a solution.

Probable warning signs of a leak:

  • Water stains on your ceiling or wall space.
  • Missing shingles.
  • Broken or ruined shingles.
  • Missing or ruined flashing or boot covers to roofing penetrations.
  • Water stains or moist roofing decking (observed throughout the attic).

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