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The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide to Roof Repair

Suppose there’s an annoying stain on your ceiling, which you suspect must be a freshwater stain, or you hear a loud pounding sound on your roof, you immediately think it’s a ghost. Well, it may be, but there’s also a huge possibility that these are symptoms of a leak. Now it’s time to go hunt for one (leak).  

Roof repairs or replacements sure cost a lot of money, and not everyone is able to prepare for such a burden financially. That is why, for most homeowners, it is crucial to have these issues addressed before they get worse. Some damages like a roof leak do not always require major repairs. A quick and simple shingle installation or flashing replacements should be sufficient for this type of damages.

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Below is a guide that you can follow to repair simple roof damages, which can also help you assess your situation whether or not you need a professional roofer. Just bear in mind that dealing with roof repairs can be extremely dangerous, and unless you are a highly skilled craftsman, you should never attempt to do that work yourself. Always prioritize your safety and make wise decisions – hire a competent contractor

Damaged Flashing 

This specific material made of sheet metal or plastic covers the fold situated between two fixtures, such as roof skylights or chimneys. The same thing for roofs, the flashing also shields the venting pipes from rain and moisture. Once this material is broken, your roof will be more susceptible to water damages. What you can do is remove and replace the broken flashing with a new one. The same thing goes for some surrounding materials like shingles. Some of them may need to be lifted or removed to make way for the installation. 

Worn Sealant

The sealant’s purpose is to work along with flashing in protecting the edges of skylights and such. It seals the joined materials to prevent it from water and moisture damages. If the sealant is old and cracked, it will not prevent leaks, therefore, failing to do its job. As a solution, you can re-caulk or reapply a new tar. But first, remove any surrounding objects and materials before doing the process. This helps you operate effectively.  


Roofing professionals are the only ones who should handle major damages like roof holes and punctures due to harsh weather or falling branches. The cost for both labor and materials is usually around $300-$1000, so many homeowners are tempted to take things into their own hands. These repairs may involve complicated steps that only specialists can perform, such as reframing and more.  

Damaged Vent Boot

Vent boot seals your vents and protects it from moisture, which may cause roof damages. However, if your vent boot is damaged, it could be a source of roof leaks. To fix this, you will need total vent boot removal and replacement and removal or lifting away of surrounding materials. 

Missing or Damaged Shingles 

Due to several reasons, it is not unusual to discover a few missing or damaged shingles. Some of the external factors include: 

  • harsh weather
  • wearing away of the protective surface
  • unwanted animal invasion  
  • hail storms 
  • ice dams or pooling water

This can be resolved by removing old shingles and replacing them with new ones. If you notice ice dams and pooling water while replacing your shingles, you will need to be very cautious and proactive if you don’t want to cause further damages. Make sure to remove snow to prevent ice dams and clean your gutters to maintain proper drainage

Deteriorating Vertical Slits 

Vertical slits between each roof tile are easily susceptible to corrosion. Water can run through the slits and damage the roof and its underlying materials one by one. Resolving this problem would require shingles replacement immediately and not waiting for it to worsen. The wearing off and leaking of your roof does not necessarily mean you need to get your entire roof replaced. To help ensure the quality of your roof, have it inspected by a competent roofing contractor, especially if you are starting to notice some leaks in one place or more.     

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