Top 10 Things Not To Miss In Mesquite, Texas

Mesquite is located in the Dallas suburbs and is the state’s 12th most populous city. Mesquite lies at the intersection of four main freeways, so if you’re traveling in Texas, you’re certain to come yourself here at some time. But what is there to do on this tiny speck on the globe, and what are the attractions you can discover here that Dallas lacks? When planning your Texas trip, these are 10 things you’ll want to make sure you include on your agenda.

Mesquite Rodeo

Mesquite is known as Texas’ Rodeo Capital for a reason! This professional rodeo takes place during the typical rodeo season, from spring to autumn, and is the world’s second-most-televised rodeo. Since its inception, the rodeo has changed hands several times, but it is presently owned by Camelot Sports & Entertainment, who purchased it from the owner of the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars in 2009. Since then, they’ve spent a lot of money cleaning up the facility, installing high-definition video boards, and upgrading the suites’ elegance.

Devil’s Bowl Speedway

Racing is another adrenaline-pumping activity available in Mesquite, although this is not a NASCAR track. Devil’s Bowl Speedway is an outdoor half-mile dirt track that hosts a variety of vehicle racing and events. The racing season extends from the spring until the mid-fall, with races exclusively on Saturday evenings, much like the rodeo. They hold numerous major events throughout the year, such as the Annual Winter Nationals and the Annual Lonestar 600, but they also have special evenings throughout the year with attractions such as fireworks.

Dallas Marshals

Dallas football isn’t just about the Cowboys. (Well, it is, but here’s another choice if you don’t like blue and silver.) The Dallas Marshals are the city’s arena football team, and they play their games at Mesquite Arena in Mesquite.

The Marshals are one of 11 teams in the Champions Indoor Football League, and they have their own dancing and cheering crew, directed by a former Dallas Mavericks dancer, that performs at halftime performances.

Mesquite Arts Center

If you’re not into sports and would rather appreciate some local culture, go to the Mesquite Arts Center, which hosts a range of various events and exhibitions throughout the year. Check the calendar ahead of time to see what’s happening when you’re in town.

Public Art in Mesquite

If the weather is fine and there’s nothing on at the Mesquite Arts Center that piques your interest, you may go for a walk around town and see some of the city’s public art displays.

The Mesquite Arts Council and the Mesquite City Council have joined forces to support public art installations located across town.

There’s also the Art Around Town program, which hosts temporary sculpture exhibitions at various sites. You may search for either of these public art shows online to see where you might expect to see them.

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